floating sheep#beerTweets


About This Map

This map is a joint New Maps Plus and FloatingSheep project. Use the menus at the right to explore the haze of beer tweets gently drifting over the United States.

More saturated (darker) colors indicate a higher probability of tweets containing the text of the selected beer type. You can visually explore a variety of beers by selecting a new beer. By default, a given beer is normalized by the entire tweet population. You can also compare two different beers. Hexagons without a significant number of observations/tweets do not show up. That's why some beers have more coverage than others.

Utilizing the Leaflet library, the map aggregates point-level data into .35 degree hexbin polygon units to show the spatial distribution of the tweets related to specific beers. A single beer normalized by the tweet population is encoded using a 5-class sequential color scheme, while the comparison of two beers uses a 5-class divergent color scheme. The map is also projected into an Albers equal-area projection (with the help of CartoDB's cardodb.proj extension).

Data Collection and Cultivation

Data for this map was pulled from the Dolly project. We then wrote scripts in R and Node.js to process and aggregate totals into hexbin polygons, and encoded the results as GeoJSON, which were then loaded into the map client-side at runtime.


Data Sources

The Twitter API

Additional Information

A write-up and some static images are available at Floating Sheep.

The code for this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unsupported License and hosted as a New Maps Plus GitHub repository.

New Maps Plus

We apologize, but this thematic web map is best experienced on a tablet or PC.

While this is a terrible practice in most web design cases, we also believe that some interactive thematic maps don't really belong on smaller phones and handheld devices.