Services and Access: Modal Times in NE Lexington

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An interactive map for identifying services in Northeast Lexington and Modal Attributes associated with each service.

Cost=Access! Per AAA, the average annual cost of maintaining a small sedan is $6957, or $19.33 per day. Via, the cost of maintaining a bicycle is $300 a year, or 82 cents per day. Purchasing a monthly Lextran bus pass averages to approximately $1 a day.

As such, assuming a 25mph city driving speed, access to a car cost 24 times that of a bike and reduces travel time by almost two-thirds. Buses provide longer distance access but on fixed routes and times. As for walking, almost $20 per day reduces a 3 mile trip from an hour to 7 minutes. If you can afford it.


  1. Click anywhere on the map to place a marker.
  2. Click on a service to display the travel time from that service to the marker (on foot, via bicycle, or automobile).
  3. Double click the map to show the area that falls within a ten minute walking distance.