MAP672 to kick off with introduction to Git workflow

The second course in our web mapping education sequence, MAP672: Programming for Web Mapping, kicks off in January and will guide students through the process of learning JavaScript programming, from the ground up. While there are many great resources on the web for learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on one's own, at New Maps Plus we're prioritizing the need for students to be explicitly taught how to think like a computer programmer. But this isn't your typical computer science course. Rather, we're teaching JavaScript through the incredibly fun and accessible Leaflet mapping library. So while explaining datatypes and control routines can be a bit dull with Lorem Ipsum data, we'll be rendering output to a map each step of the way.

But first, we're getting students acquainted with Git and using GitHub. We've already transitioned our own internal workflow to using Git and drafting our online learning modules, lessons, and labs using Markdown. Now, thanks to GitHub Education, we're teaching our web programming course through Git. Students will pull down new lesson material, commit changes to their work, submit assignments to their own GitHub repositories, and get feedback from the instructor through pull requests.

Have a look at our opening lesson and lab assignment: Setting up a modern mapping environment and workflow.

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