New Maps Plus Welcomes Its Advisory Board

New Maps Plus is committed to building a mapping curriculum of the highest quality. To this end, we are reaching out to the most talented and experienced professionals across academia and private industry for their input and advice. The newly approved Advisory and Outreach Board is composed of 20 members with a variety of backgrounds in the mapping industry.

We warmly welcome the following people to our New Maps Plus Advisory and Outreach Board:

Tanya Buckingham (University of Wisconsin-Madison Cartography Lab Director and former President of NACIS)
David DiBiase (ESRI, Director of Education)
Shannon Dosemagen (Director of Community Engagement, Education and Outreach, Public Labs)
Sarah Elwood (Professor, University of Washington)
Sara Fabrikant (Professor, University of Zurich)
Sean Gillies (Engineer, MapBox)
Adrienne Goldsberry (Instructor & Online Course Developer, MSU)
Michael Goodchild (Professor Emeritus, UCSB)
Sean Gorman (Founder of GeoCommons)
Wendy Guan (Executive Director, Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University)
Muki Haklay (Professor, University College London)
Andrew Hill (Chief Science Officer, CartoDB)
Chris Lukinbeal (Director of the GIS Technology programs, University of Arizona)
Lize Mogel (Artist and Counter-cartographer, Director of the Atlas of Radical Cartography)
Anthony Robinson (Director of Online Geospatial Education Programs, Penn State.)
Eric Rodenbeck (Founder of Stamen Design)
Nadine Schuurman (Professor, Simon Fraser University)
Andrew Turner (ESRI, Co-Founder CrisisCommons, CTO GeoIQ)
Jeremy White (Graphics Editor at the New York Times)
Sarah Williams (Director of the Civic Data Design Lab, MIT)

Note: Listings of titles and institutions are solely for identification purposes and does not imply institutional support or endorsement.

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