NMP Maps Plus Featured at City Lab

Aria Bendix and Richard Florida featured a recent map made by NMP instructor Rich Donohue who built a very nice user interface with the Leaflet library.

Utilizing the Leaflet library, the map aggregates point-level data into .35 degree hexbin polygon units to show the spatial distribution of the tweets related to specific beers. A single beer normalized by the tweet population is encoded using a 5-class sequential color scheme, while the comparison of two beers uses a 5-class divergent color scheme. The map is also projected into an Albers equal-area projection (with the help of CartoDB's cardodb.proj extension).

If you're curious about how this map was built and designed (or are interested in doing something like this yourself) check out the New Maps Plus program. These are exactly the kinds of maps students will be learning how to construct.

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