NMP Transition to Web Mapping

We're wrapping up our first course for the semester here at New Maps Plus, MAP 671 – Introduction to New Mapping. Students within this first course gained a geospatial foundation using QGIS to process geographic information to produce maps, but more importantly to prepare datasets for integration into a web mapping pipeline. In the next course in our sequence, MAP 672 – Programming for Web Mapping, students will learning JavaScript programming from the ground up, making simple thematic maps using the Leaflet mapping library.

To make the transition, our final two modules introduced students to using CartoDB. Here at New Maps Plus, we love CartoDB because of the ease with which it integrates high-functioning PostGIS and PostgreSQL database functionality with an easy-to-learn interface. We're more than pleased with the caliber of our students this semester and the maps they've produced. Here's a few examples from Module 08 using CartoDB:

We also want to share with you a little taste of the New Maps Plus curriculum. Here's the lesson students used to produce these maps:

Keep your eyes peeled for more great maps coming out of New Maps Plus program.

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In Front Previews: 
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